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About Us


Aurora is a team with a group of passionate young people. They are creative and energetic. They are open-mined and resourceful. And that is exactly what we at Aurora want.

Building on our reputation as manufacturer of architectural lighting, team Aurora has been dedicated to lighting, improving people’s lives through professional lighting products. We inspire people with our passion of sharing beautiful things and appealing design with high-quality

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“FUN LIGHT, FUN LIFE” is the philosophy that Aurora will always be pursuing. Following with this idea, Aurora has established a passionate team to convey our passion towards lighting industry as well as people’s life

Just like the Earth needs the sun to get light, lighting is a precondition for people to work and live in a comfy environment. A good lighting system can not only allows people to have a good experience, but also bring more fun and achieve a better quality of life. And that is what Aurora is working on: we create fun lights, people get fun lives. Life is too short for boring things! Let’s enjoy our lives with fun lights!


We have our own production workshop with a strict quality control system. We work hard to maintain and strengthen our product’s quality. Most of our products are compliance with CE/CB/RoHS/TUV standard with 5 years warranty. We start from China, link to the world with Aurora’s lights.


To make sure we get cool and high-quality luminaires, we have our own R&D team to design interesting lights. We’ve got more than 20 design patents. In the pass few years, we had developed some popular product ranges on our own, such as: Cirque, Miracle, Grace and comet.

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